Private English Teacher



Private Classes

This course is to maximize students learning time, placing an emphasis on their personal needs with distinct teaching techniques. Other benefits of this service:


Customizable classes

Fun & Interactive lessons

Continuous feedback

Increased self confidence 

Freedom to ask questions

Move at your own pace

Focus on your goals

The Classroom 

( 1  person )

10 Classes

Group Clases

Recreational classes are designed to immerse students, giving them the opportunity to life, laugh, and learn in a new language. This course is a greater economical choice, and one in which you can form your own team (family/friends) or be assigned to a group depending on your level. This program also includes:


Group interactions 

Team support

Fun & interactive lessons

Group activities/games

Make new friends

( 2 people or more )

Business Solutions

Program designed to elevate corporate talent within for 

companies that recognize the value of bilingual employees. 

This method focuses on the business environment, 

reinforcing effective communication and a professional vocabulary. In an ever connected global world, these classes will create a better prepared work team to international clients. Includes: 


Teaching at varying levels (Beginner to Advanced) 

Exercises focused on business communications 

Satisfy the requirements and needs of customers

Group workshops & activities

Continuous evaluation of staff members progress


Ciudad Jardín, Cali, Colombia


Tel: +57 318 550-5201



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